Saturday, June 11, 2011


So today Mike, me, my dad and Olivia went to Lagoon, and my mom stayed and watched Korver. Last time we took him I think he got too much wind so we will wait til he is bigger to take him with us again. But Lagoon was so fun! Olivia was so cute on the rides, she actually got excited to go on them! (Im so glad getting her a pass wasn't a waste:))
My dad helped out with Olivia so Mike and me could go on some rides aswell.
Olivia loves to ride the Merry- go-round.

Last time I took her on the helicopter ride she didnt pull the bar back, so she didnt go up in the air- this time I showed her how before the ride started.
She loved driving in the cars!

I don't think she knows exactly what to think of the faster rides- she goes on them but once they start her face is like "What are my parents making me do!"

She doesn't quite know how to steer on the bumper cars but she still likes to go on them.
And of course she kept wanting to go on the boat. She went on the some rides with Grandpa too! She went on a bunch of rides today, and then we let her play in the water. Mike did one game- Its the 3 point challenge, and he kept the record for most of the day. He won Olivia and Korver each a Jazz bear. We will go back to Lagoon sometime soon!

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