Monday, September 6, 2010

Poison Scare

So we own a vaporizer, and its the Vick's brand, so we bought the vapor stuff you can put in it for Mike and me to use. We have been using it every night since we have both had stuffed noises and colds. The vaporizer has a little place to put the stuff in- it holds about a tablespoon of the stuff. When we bought the vapor stuff we had actually bought it for Olivia, but we read it when we got home and it says not for children under 2- so that's why Mike and me used it.
Well I was sitting on the couch and Olivia came over to me chewing on something. Her breath smelled like the vapor stuff , so strong! She had found the vaporizer and drank the vapor stuff! We read the warning label on it and it read to get medical help or call poison control. I called poison control and they said that we needed to watch her carefully for an hour because the vapor stuff is so deadly for infants. It can cause seizures and cancer. They said since it was such a small amount she will probably be okay, but that they would call back in an hour to check. They said to watch for drowsiness, which was hard because at the time we called- around 6 PM- she gets really tired normally. So after what seemed like the longest hour, and watching her be her normal, funny self the poison control called back. They said if we hadn't seen anything by now she was fine. I was so mad at myself when it happened because it was just one of those stupid things where I should have been paying more attention to her- she had been playing with her car. I'm so glad it wasn't anything really serious.

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