Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All better?... not really

So I thought I was all better... I overworked myself too much. So I just feel drained in the head. The stuffy nose is gone, but I'm just feeling that blah sick feeling. These days I just want to sleep in a comfy bed. So far today:

1. Cleaned and organized my bedroom- before: a tornado now: spotless

2. Scrubbed the tub, and kitchen sinks.

3. Cleaned the kitchen.

4. Made homemade bread- still in the process of cooking them- the first time I made them they turned out seriously better than perfect, and then the second time I put too much flour so they didn't rise. I just hope they turn out today. They are so good. So if they do turn out Ill post a recipe.

5. Made some YW handouts for volleyball- yes, I'm still the YW sports coach. Im excited for volleyball.

6. Killed a spider- that takes all my energy because I'm scared to death of them. I freeze when I see them. Usually I just put a cup over them and wait for Mike to get home to kill them but this one was almost by Olivia so I had to smash it- it took me like ten minutes- after staring at it and trying not to get Olivia scared like me I finally got the courage to smash it with a shoe. It's on our floor still waiting for Mike to clean it up:)

( rolls are making the house smell so good)

7. Cooked Olivia lunch.

8. Read books to Olivia.

9. Played with Olivia and her dolls- she loves feeding them with their bottle.

so that is just what has happened so far. ( now I need some R&R)

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