Friday, September 17, 2010

Halloween Costumes

(this pic is of Olivia)

So I know Halloween is next month, but if I don't start thinking of ideas for costumes now I will be so last minute. So if anyone has any ideas for a really cute costume for Olivia I would appreciate it! I am hoping to find a really cute costume for her. Last year she was a witch:

And it really didn't matter if I had a cute animal/warm costume last year since she couldn't walk so we just had her bundled in a blanket, but this year I want a cute- really cute animal costume I think. I was wanting to make boo's costume from Monster's Inc,:(but, I am not the greatest at sewing, and I would want it to turn out good)

even though her hair isn't that dark anymore- but Boo is one of her nicknames and we chose it from the movie. I had planned for it to be her costume last year and Mike to be Sulley- I would also want a awesome sulley costume too though but I don't want to spend $500.... I am thinking about maybe making this costume from Martha Stewart:( there are some really creative costume ideas on her website)

But I think I would change the feet- I don't think rubber gloves would be so easy to walk in, but I think it is a cute idea

They have opened some stores but they don't have anything good. I would much rather make a costume, unless I can find something good quality and at a reasonable price.

So Ideas Anyone?


  1. Boo and Sully would be so fun! But it sounds like a lot to take on. One idea is you could make a cute little Indian dress. They are really easy and fun. I made modern Indian dresses back in 07 if you want the one Anya had. I could also find you the pattern number and you could make one to match your whole family.

    Good luck!

  2. My cousin does the cutest costumes for her girls. One year she did this huge flower and her daughter's face was the middle of a daisy. the arms were leaves, so cute. Her other daughter was a bumblebee. She is the perfect age for a cute bumble bee or lady bug. One of your adorable skirts you make would be an adorable accent. An angel would be so cute too. She's just so cute and you are just so talented I am excited to see whatever it is you do. :)