Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crazy Volleyball Night

So on Thursday ward volleyball started. I am still the Young Women coach. The Sunday before I had about 13 girls sign up saying they would come play. We had six girls by the time our game started which I was really happy with, but it would have been great if more had shown up. We were the only ward with a full team there and they are supposed to forfeit the other teams for not having a full team, so then we just play for fun, but they didn't. We lost our first game, but the girls played just as good as the other team. I talked to the lady in charge and said the games shouldn't count since we should have won right away for having a full team, and she said that's what will probably happen- I really hope it does. I'm usually the one to not try to argue that much and cause contention, but I will argue this one especially since the other teams coach was bragging how they had less players and won-I just kept my mouth shut but its easier to play with less people. Anyways so either we should get the win or since the schedules got out so late- the day before- those first games shouldn't count.

Volleyball is my favorite sport to play. For our womens' games, we had two people show up, but no one from the other team so I believe we won our first game by forfeit. They have us playing two teams so the second game we had two people, and the other ward had two people, so I don't know what they did for that. It was fun playing for fun. I actually had some pretty good sets and my serves were right on. It was a lot of fun.

So off of the volleyball subject that same night Olivia was acting so cranky all afternoon- just not herself. At volleyball she wanted me the whole time, and was just not herself. I played 1 game and half of another, Mike played some of the game while his mom watched her and then we left because she felt like she was burning up- her body felt so hot like how your skin feels when you have a really bad sunburn, so I took her temp and it was at 102! (I felt like a horrible parent for playing volleyball!)I dressed her in a really light shirt, gave her some Tylenol, and Mike gave her a blessing. Her temp went down to 100. You could just tell she was out of it, but she wasn't crying or whining, but she was just so tired. So while I was rocking her to sleep, waiting for the medicine to kick in I checked her temp and it went to 99. So slowly it was going down. She really hasn't gotten sick since she has been born, so it was really scary. After thirty minutes she started to sweat and her fever broke- 98.7 and continued to go down. I was so so so happy! Father's blessings are truly amazing!

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