Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Takin' Pictures

So my hand is getting better! I can finally make a fist without forcing it and I can do more. Of course, if I force it or lift too heavy things or just put the wrong pressure on it it hurts so its not completely healed and I know it will take time, but its getting there:) So now I can start to play around with my camera. I need to study up on it and really do research if I ever want to get really good at taking pics- maybe a class in the future- but for now I will be experimenting a lot with taking pictures and editing. I at least want to get good for myself and that's one of my goals for the year. My sister Stephanie is getting really good at taking pictures and so I wish she lived closer, so when I do see her she will have to give me some pointers ( wink wink ;) )

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