Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two People That Make My Everyday

1. Mike

So Mike and me will write sweet notes to each other on the whiteboard we have on our fridge, but its been a while since we have kept up with it- or at least me... I woke up to this, this morning. I have such a sweet husband who has been putting up with so much lately. With being pregnant this time around has been really hard on my body and Mike has been very patient with me. And then of course he has been superman with my hand being broken- I finally can make a hard fist w/o it hurting:) But up until this time he has been so much help with me! And it seems like once one of us gets better, this stupid sickness keeps coming back around. So he has been really great with entertaining Olivia and taking care of me. And he has been really amazing in how much he supports our family.

2. Miss Liv

I know most of my posts are about this sweet little princess, and really I would be fine making all of them but I won't:) With another baby on the way( just over two months:)) lately she has gotten really clingy and I love it. I have really been trying to give all my attention to her during the day because this other baby is going to be coming really soon and of course I'll give Olivia attention when the baby is here but I know how important this time is with her.

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