Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun Weekend

So to start out our fun weekend, on Friday night we got some free box suite tickets to the Utah Grizzlies hockey game. The seats were sweet, and it was nice to be in the box so when Olivia got restless we could just let her run around. I'm not a huge hockey fan, but if I have to watch a game then I like to watch them in person. It's the fights that are the entertaining part anyways, right?:)

So after the game we drove to Logan to visit my sisters. We got there around11 PM and Olivia got her second wind. She didn't go to sleep til after 1, little stinker:) So Friday night we stayed at my sister Kasi's ( who is also expecting for those of you who didn't know:)) And then on Saturday morning we went to her work- she teaches gymnastics- and we let Olivia run around and have some fun jumping on the mats and trampolines. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. We hung out at Stephanie's watching TV, and playing around with our camera's. That night we watched the All-Star events. It was really fun to hang out with them. So while Stephanie was showing me some camera tricks and taking the way cute pictures of Olivia, here are some practice shots I took of Olivia-

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