Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy 24th

Happy Pioneer Day! It was so fun today hanging with family. My sister, Stephanie, took our family pictures, so here are just a couple of them (she is an awesome photographer) :

and then we played a softball game. I am so out of shape.... It was so fun though! After our first game we decided that we would each get ten pitches so we would see how many each of us could hit out of that 10- even if they weren't very good pitches. I was pitching to my brother, Kevin, and he hit line drive right at me and I got hit right in the leg, just above the knee. Luckily, it wasn't my knee but it still hurt enough to drop me. I have a huge welt on my leg but it only hurts if I bend my leg, from the tension or of course touch it. After that we called it quits and went home and had a big BBQ lunch. It was an awesome day.

Stephanie's husband Jon

Kasi's husband Brady

"We played hard...

..nap time"

My poor leg- it's a huge bump! It's just barely starting to bruise.

It was so much fun playing with all of my family.

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