Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another July Birthday

Happy Happy Birthday!

Mike's birthday is today:) He is turning... well, you will just have to guess:) For his birthday we are going out to dinner at Pizza Factory, and then probably watching a movie after. Nothing too big planned- Mike doesn't like to make a big deal with his birthday- I'm opposite:) We aren't doing anything really big though but I did get him presents- even though he makes such a big deal about not getting any:)

So Mike is so bummed with the Utah Jazz lately since Korver isn't on the team anymore- his favorite player- So I made him a birthday Utah Jazz Jersey cake- No, 33 is not how old he is turning, it's just his playing number, and since he doesn't know who will be his favorite now I put it on the cake.

One of the presents my parents got him a Utah Jazz hat:

Happy Birthday ( babe:) ) Love ya!

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