Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cutie With An Attitude

Olivia is seriously the cutest baby! (I'm her momma, so I can say that as many times as I want:))But really just lately she is becoming her own self, and it's really showing! The days seem to go by so fast! Today we had a shopping day with Grandma Porter. There is this boutique called Karma, and its seriously such a cute boutique. I got a cute pair of shoes and such a cute shirt. Whenever we take Olivia shopping she wants to get into everything, and if I let her I'm sure the owner of the store wouldn't have cared since she is so cute...:)

So Olivia is a really good eater and when we first started with the baby food she couldn't get enough, but lately she hates baby food, and is becoming quite picky. I have been trying to find healthy food that she will eat. She doesn't really like banana's or apples and I'm finding it hard to find vegetables she will eat. I mash them up but if it at all looks like baby food she fights it. Of course, she will eat bread and other food but its the healthy stuff we're struggling with. I did find some healthy finger food recipes so I will try those. She is a very well fed baby though:) I'm going to make these broccoli and cheese nuggets and I hope she will like those. I guess its just going to be a lot of experimenting:)

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