Monday, July 12, 2010

Olivia Is 1

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Olivia

Happy Birthday to You!

Today is Olivia's first birthday! Yup, a year has gone by... and way too fast! This past year has been so much fun! It's been awesome watching Olivia grow up and watching her learn so many things. She has four teeth now: two front top and two front bottom. She is seriously such a happy baby. She is so lady like too always crossing her feet. She is starting to run and it's amazing she has kept her balance so well. On Saturday we threw her a birthday party. We had friends and family come. It turned out really nice and the weather was beautiful, and really hot... all the black balloons I had popped because of the heat. We had it in my parents backyard. I just can't believe how fast a year goes by especially when you have a kid. Every second does count. I made her a fondant birthday cake - a three layer one- it was like the size of a wedding cake:) I had fun making it though:

Olivia got quite a few presents for being one. We never get pictures of Mike's dad, but we got a pretty good one.

I put together a video of Olivia's Align Centerparty:

Here are some of my favorite pics of Olivia throughout the year- ( believe me, I could have posted all of them cause she is the prettiest baby:))

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