Sunday, May 1, 2011

7 Days To Go

After today I only have 7 days left until the baby comes- if he comes on time:) It's hard to be patient and wait to have the baby, but it is kind of cool that my due date is on Mothers Day this year:) This past month went by really fast! So has this whole pregnancy! Im so excited for our little boy to come. It's probably a good thing that I havent had him yet because we are just getting over our sicknesses. Its taking Olivia a little bit to get better but I think- hoping- its coming to an end. She has just had a cough and runny nose.
Oh, so last Sunday she was walking up the stairs and tripped on the top step, fell and broke her tooth. I took her to the dentist to see if they could do anything since it's her front tooth, but they really didnt want to do anything since she is so young- they would basically just buff it and round it for now- which Im fine with just waiting til she is older or until she looses it. She still looks so cute. Luckily there were no other loose teeth or nerve damage. She did so good at the dentist. She sat so still and opened her mouth wide so he could look at her teeth.
Im so excited to be having another baby. Lots of people have been asking if Im scared or nervous about the labor part this time. The first time I was more just nervous but it wasnt as bad as people made it sound. I am more just anxious this time. Not nervous. Not scared. Other people always make it sound worse than it really is. So any guesses on what day the baby will come?

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  1. I'd say May 9th (for your mom!), but then you'd be over due and I hate to wish that on anyone, but only one day. I was born on my Grandpa's birthday and even though he passed away before I was born, I still feel I have a special bond with him! And my mom's birthday is the day before mine and we always share a party. I love it. So, I guess you could deliver on the 8th. :o)
    I'm so excited for you!!