Sunday, May 15, 2011

1 Week Old

Korver is 1 week old. This first week of him being home has been a lot of getting used to. My sister Kasi helped out with entertaining Olivia which helped out so much. My mom was wonderful to come stay over for a couple nights to help us catch up on some sleep:) Korver is finally starting to get on somewhat of an eating schedule, but for the first part of the week he has been so fussy- Olivia was totally the opposite- we had to wake her up to feed her and Korver is hungry all the time! Its a good thing he's so cute. Olivia still won't hold him but she loves to kiss him:)
So Korver eats between every 2 to 4 hours he is really random and when he is awake he has been pretty fussy unless he is being held, which makes it kind of hard with Olivia, but since he is finally getting the hang of his binky it has helped a lot. The past couple of nights he has slept pretty good. I have been feeding him two times in the night- the past couple nights its been around 1 and then , and I am able to get him to go back to sleep pretty quick so I still get some sleep. Mike has been great too. I have had to nurse and bottle feed him so it helps that Mike is able to feed him too:)

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  1. I love your pictures! This little guy is so cute, I can't wait to hold him again. call me.