Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dennis Ralph Smith

Dennis Ralph Smith
Born: November 27, 1940- Passed Away: January 15, 2012

Front Of Program



Back Of Program

The funeral service went perfect. Everything looked beautiful and just how Dennis would have wanted it! Mike's mom looked beautiful and so did everything else. The flowers, the set-up, just everything!Mike's dad looked just how he always looked- you know how some have too much makeup or just do not look like themselves, well it was all just perfect. Such an emotional day, but what can you expect. We were able to go early and let the grankids see Grandpa before anyone else got there. Olivia didn't really know what to think. For some of the Grankids it is hitting harder, but for the little ones not so much. We got to take some pictures. It was wonderful to see so many people show up and show their respects to Mike's mom and the rest of the family. You could definitly tell Dennis was a loved man! All of the talks and music at the funeral went perfect. Mike did a beautiful job on dedicating the burial plot! My heart goes out to Mike's mom, his sisters and their families and Mike so much! I loved Dennis and love all of them. Every night Olivia has been saying how much she misses and loves Grandpa. We keep telling her she will see him again one day and that he is in Heaven. The night before the day of the funeral I drew Mike's mom a picture as a gift. And then I drew another one for Mike today. I really like to draw especially if it's something that will mean something.

Here are some pictures from the funeral:

All of the Grandkids


  1. Michael and Haley, Amy gave me your blog url, so I hope that it's okay to be here, and to add my comments. I really like the way you have covered Dennis' funeral. The front cover of the program is something I'm sure he would have chosen, or maybe he did. We love his coffin, its very nice and has the outdoor appeal he so much loved. I enjoyed walking through this tribute and feeling the spirit of a caring and loving family devoted to their dad, mother and each other. What a thrill for Dennis to have had the years that he did with you kids, and the grandkids. He was a good brother and friend to me and Lanny and we loved him. If you go to our blog you may read some of the experiences Lanny had with Dennis in his younger days, and some of my memories of him as a sibling.
    Micael, Now I know who Haley is, and who your children are. What a beautiful family.
    Our blog is
    Love, Aunt Arlene and Uncle Lanny

    1. Thank you. I read your blog too! We will have to meet up sometime:)

  2. Hi there, This is Aunt Arlene. Amy gave us your family blog, so we hope you don't mind our being here. I have walked through your pic and info on Dennis and it almost makes me feel like I was there. I regret this is the first family funeral Lanny and I haven't made. Dennis was very dear to us and you having this display has really been helpful. Haley, this is very fine. We have written some stories about Dennis on our blog. You are welcome to visit it.
    We're sorry for your loss but know he will never be forgotten. Luv, Aunt Arlene and Uncle Lanny