Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas was wonderful for us! First off a summary of our presents we got: Olivia got the Disney animated Tangled doll, more dolls, just a bunch of toys and her own desk, and some clothes, books, things she needs( new tooth brush etc.), camera and some blocks(the kind that have the pokey things all around them). Korver got some clothes, bear, musical toys, crawling ball, his first tv, books, stacking blocks. And they both got some toys together. Mike's main gift from me was an Ipod Touch. My main gift from Mike was a new lens! I love it! We got awesome things from both of our families too. Some meaningful Christmas letters, a gift that benefits us for the better, a Wii! clothes just a lot of awesome gifts, and some really truly meaningful ones this year:) We first went and visited Mike's family in the morning and then mine later that day. So for my sister Stephanie, she wanted to write her husband Jon a book for Christmas and she wanted me to illustrate it for her. It was so much fun doing it for her, and she even made me a copy- thank you SHutterfly:) ANYWAYS the book is so cute(not just the drawings) but the story is so cute its about two kids trying to catch the tooth fairy. Stephanie is a really talented writer. Here are some pictures of a few of the pages.
She typed the words in different colors. It turned out so cute!


Here is a picture with my new lens- Mike took the picture:) I did not just color my hair red for Christmas-

And this is why we really buy our kids toys:

Grandma and Grandpa Smith with DeAnn's kids Izzy and Russell and then Olivia and Korver- he's gettin' so big huh! ( new 49ers onesie:))

It was such a wonderful Christmas but it went by way too fast!

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