Monday, December 5, 2011


For the month of December ( well we started right after Thanksgiving- so part in November) for family home evening we have themed it around doing service for others. We have been keeping it focused on Christ and service. So to keep Olivia entertained we have been watching the Book Of Mormon sing- along videos and been teaching her that we always need to keep Christ with us and tell her all the things he has done for us, etc.  For our first FHE activity we watched the nativity and I explained to her that Jesus gave us everything- she is only two so I explain things in a way for her to understand and then I had her go through her room with me to find things she doesn't need and that we could give to another little girl who needed some things for Christmas. She was really willing to give up a couple of her things. (first I had searched for a family who needed help with Christmas) . Then we delivered the stuff the next day. So for tonights FHE we are still focusing on doing service- we are going to talk more about all the wonderful things Christ does, and gives to us,(spiritually and physically) and what we can give to Christ - and so we will just be talking about ideas and then later on probably on Christmas Eve we will actually each write something to work on for the next year for Christ, put it in a box or something and then open them on Christmas Eve next year. Anyways I found this video and will probably show it sometime during FHE tonight. Then we are making holiday cookies to deliver to people.

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