Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Family Update

We sent out Christmas cards but didnt send a family update with it so here it is: 

Mike and Haley:

Mike is still the head stone mason at Hearth and Home (fireplace place) and does such an awesome job. Lately he has been really busy at work and on side jobs which is great. Plus he doesnt like to sit still:) With work keeping him so busy there hasn't been time for sports but with basketball coming up Im sure he will play on a few teams.He is so great to stay up with Korver at night and he helps out so much around the house with the cleaning. I really lucked out when I married him! (not only because he likes to keep a clean house) He truly is wonderful. I love being at home, entertaining the kids, keeping up the artist in me with drawing, and also taking pictures. I have been able to have a lot of photo shoots lately which is so great! Life is keeping us busy.


Is 2 1/2 and is just so much fun. Yes, she wants to do everything herself. She has finally been actually talking! Its funny how you think it will never happen and then one day its just like they never stop:)She loves nursery. Lately her thing is just to come up and say "I love you momma" and give a big hug. She just loves to dance and she loves to copy what ever she hears. She loves to do the dishes and play in the water. Her hair is getting so long and she wants to keep it long:) Every morning she goes and hops into Korver's crib when she hears him wake up and lays by him until mommy will get herself out of bed to get him:) She is such a great big sister to him... but she does try to steal his binky every now and then but she knows she is not supposed to have it. She definitly keeps us on our toes:) This next year I want to start her in dance. She loves Super Why, Cat in the Hat, Enchanted pretty much anything she will watch and gets into. We try to potty train her but Im not really rushing it right now. She really does talk all the time but it does take her a while to warm up.


Our 7 month old bundle of joy:) He is going to be crawling any day now! He is a butt scooter. One minute he is by the couch and 5 minutes later clear across the room! He has his first tooth and only wants to eat what we eat:) For the most part he sleeps through the night. We could just let him cry himself back to sleep but its hard when he is in our room:) Mike is so great to get up with him most of the time! He is so happy and just melts your heart with his smile. You can make him laugh so easily and he loves to pull himself to standing position in his crib and on the couch and if mommy is close enough he'll climb his way up on me. He is our ball of fun! (and he stores all his food in his cheeks:))

Have a Merry Christmas!

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