Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jazz Win

Stephanie and Jon invited us to go to another Jazz game! They are so awesome to invite us. It was so much fun. The Jazz played against the Bobcats and it was an exciting game to watch. The Jazz won! So Jon got to play a time out contest where he had to shoot free throws against another guy. Jon made 10 baskets, and the other guy made 5. So Jon won a Duffel Bag full of sports bars, vitamins and healthy food- pretty awesome and also a signed Korver jersey. Korver is Mike's favorite Jazz player. So when we were leaving Jon told Mike he needed to update his jersey and gave Mike the jersey that he won!Pretty sure that made Mike's year- or at least its up there:) How cool is Jon?! Steph and Jon are so awesome for inviting us! We had a blast!!!

Some game shots:

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  1. How awesome!!! Some sweet pictures too. Seats looked great!! How fun!!! Tell Steph HI!