Saturday, February 20, 2010

Basketball Coach

So Mike and me were called not only as CTR 4 teachers in our Ward, but also the Young Men and Young Women sports coaches. Basketball just ended and we didn't make it to region but I don't think Ward sports should be about winning anyways. Yes, it's really nice to win, but I think it can bring a lot of contention. When I was in Young Womens' I didn't like to play with the Ward because the coaches always just wanted to win. I'm all about letting all the girls play the same amount of time no matter how good they are because it's really about fellow shipping and having a good time. I am glad I was called as the coach, and I think a lot of the girls were happy with how I let them play. Well since they didn't make it to region I decided to make them some cupcakes to let them know how well they played, and to thank them for coming to practices and the games. I'm not the best cupcake decorator but I think they turned out just fine.

These ones are for our primary class.

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