Monday, March 19, 2012

What A Week/Weekend!

Happy Monday everyone! We had quite a fun week/weekend last week.

1. Started potty training Olivia- we bought her some big girl princess underwear and she pretty much just held it all day on saturday- she did eventually go on her toilet. She is paranoid about not being able to go to the bathroom in her underwear so that is probably a good thing for us:)

2. Watched some new movies. The Warrior- great great movie kind of between Rocky and Cinderella Man. And then Moneyball- I actually liked it. Im never in the mood to watch those type of movies- I like lots of action and suspense movies the most but I really enjoyed those two movies. Then we watched Fairgame- ummm super slow movie for us anyways couldn't really get into it. 

3. Forts Galore! Lately I just keep making Olivia different forts ever since her castle went bu-bye:(

4. Discovery Park. We played at discovery park on Saturday. It has been a long time since we've taken Olivia there, but she loved it.

5. Taught Olivia to ride her bike-trike:) We have been trying to get her to learn how to peddle it inside our house but when we told her to push down with her legs she would push on her knees with her hands. So the first warm day last week I took her outside, she hopped on her bike, and she started peddling right away! I guess she just needed to be outside:)

One of our forts:

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