Friday, March 23, 2012

First Week Of Potty Training!

So we started potty training Olivia last Saturday- skipped Sunday cause I didn't want to worry about nursery and then ever since Monday she has been doing awesome! For the last couple months or longer she has gone poop on the toilet a couple times so she has done awesome with going number two on the toilet. She has had a couple little accidents but it was while trying to make it to the bathroom. So atleast she has the feeling down. The last few days though no accidents! I even took her food shopping with me- it took us 2 hours but thats what happens when we have to keep running to their restroom:) At least she will use other restrooms! We strictly started off with just putting her in panties cause she knows a pull-up is a diaper- the very first day we tried to start she did not want to wear underwear cause she was terrified of having an accident!:) we haven't worried about her going at night yet so of course its pull-ups at night:) But now even after her bath when we put pull-ups on her she will still use her toilet! She is so proud of herself and we are so proud of her! I know she is bound to have some more accidents but at least she does try to hold it to go to the bathroom. The first thing she did this morning was go and use her toilet when she woke up!

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