Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Disneyland was so much fun! We went with our friends Steve and Tiffany, Emily and Kyle and both of their boys. Olivia was afraid to go to the the disney characters except for the princesses. The first princess we saw was Jasmine and Olivia was nervous at first and went to her but just stood by her to get her pic taken. Then when we were leaving she asked me if she could give Jasmine a hug:) and she did. It was Mikes first time to Disneyland too! The weather was wonderful!-well I have to say the first two days. The 3rd day was a little cold. We spent Thursday at California Adventure and then Friday and Saturday mostly at Disneyland. Its been years since I have been so I thought the fireworks show was pretty cool. It was a nice gettaway. My family watched Korver- and I swear he grew double his size! He got two new teeth while we were gone. The week before we left he got horrible horrible ear infections in both ears. And so when we left they were done with, but he got another one in his left ear while we were in Cali. Poor thing! But he was happy the whole time and he is off the binky! Yay 9 months old and no binky! ... Olivia has been still searching for them! Im going to go through my house and find all the binkys and Olivia will get to say her goodbyes to them as a throw them away:) Here are a bunch of pictures from the trip:

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