Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Come Enjoy A Slice!

Our treat for the day. I had a ton of cake mix left over yesterday after making the small heart cakes so I baked the left over batter and then saved the cake to decorate today. I had planned to cover it with some left over fondant but have been having too much fun sculpting things out of it (pictures to come). So I just decided to frost it and make it look simple and cute. Doesn't it look pretty yummy!

 don't my kids have the yummiest cheeks! I just want to eat them up all the time!

These two keep me so busy during the day! Korver is starting to like to walk more- while holding mommy's hands of course, but he is starting to take steps by himself and his balance is simple amazing. He will stand for forever by himself! He is our little explorer lately. And he loves following Olivia around everywhere! Its so cute to watch her run and hide and then jump out- he laughs so hard! They are so cute together! Definitly brother and sister- if you couldn't tell by the way they looked:)

Here are both 9 month pics:

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