Friday, November 11, 2011

Whitney's Family Pics

So I know I have been posting pictures on my other blog but I wanted to share a few of the ones I took earlier this week. I was able to take family pictures for my friend Whitney. They are of her, her daughter Emberlyn, and her fiance James. We took them down and Riverwoods and just so you know if any of you want to take them down there- they charge $25 to take them around the stores. We didn't know, and I think its kind of retarded since its a public shopping area-especially since there is most likely going to be other people shopping etc... so we only got a few in by the stores and then we went back behind the condos by the bridges- I had found some pretty cool places where I wanted to take more pictures around the stores but alas we weren't able to- I asked them if they wanted to pay $25 and they were fine with going somewhere else. Well here are just a few of the ones I took of them.

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