Monday, November 7, 2011

Braids. Food. Fire!...

Olivia is so good to sit still for me everyday so I can do her hair. I wanted her to have crimpy hair tomorrow so tonight after she had her bath I did french-braid cornrows. She was so patient and sat so still while I braided them!

In other news at the Smith home: Tonight I wanted to surprise Mike with a yummy dinner- pot roast, mashed potatoes, rolls, wasail.... mmmm. Well as I was getting ready to make the mashed potatoes, I decided I should think of a family home evening lesson. So while I waited for the water to boil I was searching for something to teach and forgot I had water boiling. I started to smell somthing burning and ran into the kitchen, where it was filling up with smoke- the water was all evaporated. So I shut the stove off and as soon as I lifted the pot off the burner, the pot exploded into flames! Luckily after I had put it on the ground the fire went out, but left the house in a lovely smoke and burnt smell. Luckily Melanie was over and so she took the kids outside while I tried to air the house out. Im so glad the only thing that got ruined was the pot- its pitch black now. ... Dinner was still good, even without the potatoes.

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