Monday, October 24, 2011


So we made a really quick trip to San Diego last weekend. My parents, Melanie, Kasi, Me, Olivia, Korver and Kye. It was such short notice so Mike couldn't get work off. It was to show my Grandma the grandkids. We left Wednesday and drove straight through to Cali- arrived at around 2 in the morning and then we left Sat. Morning. So really quick. The car ride was horrible- 8 people stuffed in a 7 seat van- we put an extra seat in the middle of the van. The kids are so sick of being in their car seats. Well on Thursday it was quite cold:(. We still went to the beach. Olivia's first time, and she loved it! My Grandma was so happy to see us. So on Thursday we didnt stay very long at the beach, we mostly hung out around my Grandma's house.

On Friday it got way warm...yay! We visited family and played at the beach! Korver loved the sand too! Olivia had fun throwing sea shells back in the ocean. We also spent part of the day at Coronado- love that place! The trip was too short but had so much fun. Mike and me will plan to go back since he hasn't been to San Diego but we will fly...:)

First time looking at the ocean

Goofy Boy

She had fun running away from the water- she did play in it though

Miss lil' shopper

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