Monday, July 25, 2011

Soakin' It Up!

So this lately I have been thinking how Olivia is 2! Like really? The years are flying by so fast! In a few years she will be starting school! It just made me realize what a wonderful husband I have for letting me be a stay at home mom to be able to watch my kids grow up! I just want to soak up every moment. Lately Olivia has been pushin' our buttons- acting like a true 2 yr old:) But I realize she is just learning and how important it is for Mike and I to teach her. I was thinking how I need to think more before I react to what she does. Because she is so stinkin' cute! And everyday she just gets cuter! And the same for Korver. He is 11 weeks now! That flew by in a blink! I just think I am the luckiest mom to have the two cutest kids!

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