Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Olivia: Look Whoooo's 2!

(sorry but for some reason when I upload pics they upload blurry)
Happy Birthday to Olivia (yesterday:)) She turned two can you believe it! She has changed so much just in a year! Some of her favorite things to do:
Make us laugh
Say "hi" to
Watch movies
Play outside-especially at parks
Dress herself
And some things she has been doing more of:
She can understand pretty much everything, and she is trying to talk a lot more- most of I can still only understand her but she really does try to point and explain what she wants. She has such an imagination. She loves all girly things too! She loves to do her dolls hair and talk to them to ask them what they want done. She loves to do Daddy's makeup and hair and loves to get her nails painted. And she absolutly loves to wear mommy and daddy's shoes and she has claimed all of my purses.
At age 1 (above)
At age 2:)
We woke her up to open some presents. Daddy is going to start to teach her how to play baseball:) She always is taking out my keyboard so we got her one. And she also got a toy for her dolls- like a bath with high chair and hangers etc. She got a bunch of toys from her party and some way cute clothes!

Olivia is 2! I seriously don't know where the time has gone! She is really growing too fast! For her birthday I took her down to Riverwoods to play on the Carousel, and I had planned to let her play in the water area outside but it was broken. And then we had a little party for her.

On the last time riding it she wanted to try out sitting on the bench.

Party Time! I chose to do an Owl theme if you couldn't tell:) Thanks to everyone who was able to come:)

Thank you's

Really yummy sugar cookies! I attempted to make Owl ones. I didnt have a cookie cutter so I had to make it up by hand, but they do taste yummy:)

My attempt at some cake pops.

Birthday cake! I didnt want to make a fondant cake this year.

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