Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun Weekend With Family

This past weekend, my parents invited us to go to St. George- it was their spring break. We left on Friday and met them there along with Stephanie and Jon, and Melanie. It was so much fun to get away and relax before we have the other baby:) The weather was wonderful high 70's and 80's. We hung out at the pool, shopped, and played games, and just relaxed:) I got a horrible sunburn though... pics below.... Stephanie was kind enough to take some pics of Olivia for us also. Olivia had so much fun swimming in the pool! It was so much fun hanging out with my family. I wish every weekend could be that relaxing- without the sunburn. We stayed Friday, Saturday, and then came home on Sunday.

I got a really nasty sunburn from laying out the first day we got there. It was really weird that I burned this bad cause I dont burn! The only way I can look at it positivly is, all last week we were debating on if we should go cause of how far along I am and how my last dr appointment went. So I think the reason I got the sunburn was so I couldnt move as much so I wouldnt have the baby while we were in St. George- a blessing in disguise, maybe? My legs are finally feeling a lot better.
Here are a few more pics:

This isnt from our trip but I wanted to post a video of Olivia dancing to her favorite movie lately:

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