Saturday, December 26, 2009

Olivia's First Christmas

It was such a wonderful Christmas this year. I was so excited for Olivia to have her first Christmas! She was such a doll opening up presents, and she was so excited- mostly for the wrapping paper.

It really tired her out opening presents, but she was excited about everyone of them.

Olivia got quite a few gifts for her first Christmas. We had to get her some princess Barbie's plus a couple other barbies along with some books, a movie, stuffed animal, toy cell phone, some outfits with some flower clips, a new coat etc. Her Grandma and Grandpa Smith gave her a really adorable Piggy Bank along with some other stuff as well (diapers, etc). Her Grandma and Grandpa Porter gave her the funnest pig ball toy that vibrates and moves around when you push the snout and a fun cookie jar that you put shapes into, with some other stuff also ( formula, etc). Her aunts and uncles were so thoughtful to get her some fun toys and books as well. She loves books so much! Mike and me had a wonderful Christmas. It was really fun being at my parents house this year. We played games all day and I actually won most of them! We had a Yahtzee tournament and usually I'm not very good at Yahtzee but I came out being the champion. It was such a fun Christmas and Mike and me will always remember it.

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