Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Year Older...

Yesterday was my birthday. We started celebrating it the day before with Mike taking me out to my favorite restaurant, Carrabbas. MMMM. Mike got me a hot pink CHI flat iron- they are the best! It was so sweet of him! We went to my parents house last night and my family got me some way awesome gifts also! I have been wanting to go clothes shopping but lately I am just too into baby clothes that I haven't gotten me any. My family got me some awesome shirts from Hollister- I love that store! and the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince- I have already watched it twice. I also got some chocolate- Ghiradelli to be exact, and a delicious chocolate birthday cake! It was a great birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! Isn't Carrabbas the absolute best restaurant?!?!?! We love it too. The Pollo Rosa Maria is my favorite. Their bread and dipping spices are awesome!! Love the garlic mashed potatoes too! Oh, I'm making myself hungry! Hope you had a good birthday. Have been thinking of you! One of these days I'll email you back. :o)