Friday, November 23, 2012

Dear Santa

For our letter to Santa this year,  I recorded a video of Olivia for Santa:)


  1. I think it's save to say that Olivia wants Santa to bring her a truck and a pink bike. What happened to the doll? I guess she's not into Barbie dolls yet. That seems to be a big thing with Stefanie's girls right now. Enjoyed your Halloween pictures and I would dare say Olivia enjoyed her costume immensely. She's a little actress in her own right. Hope your Thanksgiving was as nice as your pictures. Merry Christmas, Arlene and Lanny

    1. Sorry Im horrible with blogging lately and I have all the comments emailed to me cause I have had a lot of spam comments. Olivia loves barbies and dolls anything girly but she has a ton too:)