Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Very Serious Matter

So we are up in Idaho until tomorrow because Mike is doing a stone side job, and his sister Amy was kind enough to let us crash at her place. It's kind of crazy how things happened because they are in Utah right now for Memorial weekend. Anyways onto the serious business. It is so critical that Olivia gets an afternoon nap at her regular time- between 12 and 1 or else she does not go to sleep. The car ride up really through off her schedule and she transforms into this little monster at night, but its so funny because she will try and make us laugh, by making funny faces and laughing at herself. She doesnt want to take naps lately, well at 5 pm she does... she just doesnt want to miss out on anything so I have to make sure she gets at least a good nap in around noon. I guess its harder to keep her on her schedule when we are out of town too.

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